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I feel like I’m still decompressing from finishing the MFA process at Transart and have been a bit all encompassed by some life transitioning lately so I haven’t done a lot of new work – but below, I want to share some documentation of a collaborative performance I recently did and also the initial starts of some new drawing work for your feedback.

Mostly, since this feels like new generative work I am open to hearing your general thoughts about the work.

On October 24 & 25th I collaborated with activist, action-theatre improvisor, Bronwyn Preece for The Interplay Project in Vancouver. This was our first collaboration with a live audience in attendance.

This is the description of our piece:

Surface Rupture explores the ‘limits’ of the skin’s boundary by projection and an interaction with material objects. Interdisciplinary artist Terlesky has developed a projected video and built an environment made up of soft sculptural objects — the result of her research exploring the intersubjectivity of touch and tactile language. Improvisational performance artist Preece will respond to the visual environment (made different by Terlesky each night) — truly embodying a moment-to-moment response – simultaneously engaging in an unfurling visceral discovery with the audience: Where do the boundaries of ‘self’ lie?!

One object used in both performances was this soft scultpture that has lights embedded in it. The light blinks in response to a heartbeat monitor that I was wearing while Preece performed. (The first night the lights were not working properly… they just held steady.)

This video shows the blinking lights…
Running Time: 00:20 sec | Password: Surface Rupture

I projected the following visuals onto Preece’s body who was wearing a white slip as she performed.
Running Time: 10:00 min | Password: Surface Rupture

The following are 10 minute videos of each performance night. They really only capture 60% of what happened… you could see a lot more and of course, feel a lot more in the direct moment. Performances really can’t be captured in video format… any other suggestions for documentation?

October 24, 2014, Running Time: 10:00 min | Password: Surface Rupture

Here is a quote from an audience member on this night:

“Smart, poignant, and human. The interplay between Bronwyn Preece’s improvisations and Laurel Terlesky’s sculptural objects and projections highlight the tenderness and vulnerabilities of our own bodies. At once both heartbreaking and humourous, Surface Rupture explores what it means to be broken and what it means to be cured.”

This is really bad, terribly blurry and dark video from our second performance on Oct 25, 2014. The best part here is the audio (minus the loud sound of the projector beside the camera).
Running Time: 10:00 min | Password: Surface Rupture

Lastly, I started working on some drawings from the soft body sculptures (aka polyps). I’m thinking about doing another layer with vellum and maybe incorporating some thread or pen work…



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