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This is the beginning process documentation of a collaboration with Bren Simmers. The outcome is unknown. The deadline is unknown. Here is a collection of lost objects encountered while on wanderings in Squamish, B.C..

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I feel like I’m still decompressing from finishing the MFA process at Transart and have been a bit all encompassed by some life transitioning lately so I haven’t done a lot of new work – but below, I want to share some documentation of a collaborative performance I recently did and also the initial starts of some new drawing work for your feedback. Mostly, since this feels like new generative work I am open to hearing your general thoughts about the work. On October 24 & 25th I collaborated with activist, action-theatre improvisor, Bronwyn Preece for The Interplay Project in Vancouver. This was our first collaboration with a live audience in attendance. This is the description of our piece: Surface Rupture explores the ‘limits’ of the skin’s boundary by projection and an interaction with material objects. Interdisciplinary artist Terlesky has developed a projected video and built an environment made up of soft sculptural objects — the result of her research exploring the intersubjectivity of touch and tactile language. Improvisational performance artist Preece will respond to the visual environment (made different by Terlesky each night) — truly embodying a moment-to-moment response – simultaneously engaging in an unfurling visceral discovery with the audience: Where do the boundaries of ‘self’ lie?! One object used in both performances was this soft scultpture that has lights embedded in it. The light blinks in response to a heartbeat monitor that I was wearing while Preece performed. (The first night the lights were not working properly… they…

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